Video shot with my iPhone 6

Your smartphone + our System = lots of fabulous videos for your content strategy. 

(Limited Time Spring Special closes March 26. More details below.)

Why Is Video Vital?



of consumer internet traffic will be video by 2020




average increased time people spend a webpage with video




of consumers consider brands with video to be more trustworthy




of both B2B and B2C marketers use video in their marketing.


Here is the bad news: 64% of marketers say video is the hardest content to produce. 

Do you agree? Can you relate to one of these?

  • Shooting and editing by yourself, which is incredibly stressful and a terrible solution for busy women.  
  • Trying to find, hire and manage videographers and editors, also a terrible solution for busy women.  
  • Extremely expensive studio shoot to have it all done for you.  

A great solution if you can afford it, but it does nothing to help you sustain the flow of year round video production that today’s smart content strategy demands. 

And finally, the real reason you aren’t doing video. 


Many women have issues around being on camera.

Especially if you are over 24 and did not grow up taking 5 selfies an hour or posting a video with your cat to youtube every day.  

graphic of dragon and word fear

Believe me, I know. 

I spent 15 years as a marketing video consultant and producer for small businesses and non-profits.

photo of Kala Philo, creator of DreamBiz Test Drive

Hi! I'm Kala Philo

As an online marketing video producer and consultant, I worked with hundreds of small business owners, creating short videos for businesses and brands like Yellow Pages.Com and CitySearch.  

I have seen first hand how challenging it is for business owners to create quality, compelling marketing videos.  

Three years ago I sold or donated everything that wouldn’t fit into my car to free up funds and flexibiity to travel, meet new amazing people, and take a deep dive into learning more about internet marketing.  

I met dozens of women building fabulous businesses, and talked with many others about their passion projects and dream biz ideas. 

When they learned about my background, they always said “Oh, I NEED to be doing video, can you help me?

I heard the same questions over and over. 

Raise your hand if you find yourself saying: 

“I don’t know…  

How to record and edit videos How long they should be What to say and how to say it Where the best place in my home or office to record the videos How to do makeup, what to wear on camera If I should use a microphone. If so, which one? How to do lighting so I don’t look scary If video quality really matters anymore What to do with the video once it’s done  

Finally, I don’t like the way I look on camera. My voice sounds funny. I’m scared of what people will think and say.”  

  What should I do?  

Many of them ask me to put together a guide.  

I thought, "What we need is a system. I know how to do this". 

And voila! The Fab Videos, Finally Done System was born.

This is what we help you achieve:

  • Set your 6 month strategy, including Facebook Live if that's on your list.
  • Work on your mindset
  • Plan for your simple mini-studio in your home or office
  • Decide on your 1 - 3 cornerstone videos
  • Ask happy clients for testimonial videos.
  • Set up your mini-studio to shoot videos with your smartphone.
  • Build your schedule for scripting, practice and shooting your cornerstone videos
  • Nail it to the calendar.
  • Work on your mindset

  • Write your script outlines.
  • Practice 
  • Look and feel fabulous getting ready
  • Shoot your videos using our Perfectly Produced Shot List System
  • Celebrate!
  • WE DO THE EDIT! Upload your footage for editing to your FVFD Client Business Video Hub
  • Complete your edit reviews with your Producer.

CONGRATULATIONS! Amazing job. Your cornerstone videos are done!  

  • Upload and Implement distribution strategy.  
  • Debrief with us: What worked and what didn't.  
  • Set calendar for Phase 2 to create your pipeline of videos and turn on the flow.

Flexibility in Scheduling your Project

We know busy women need flexibility in scheduling. After you sign up, on April 1 you will receive all the materials to get started with your "Ready" phase. 

We have several Production Lab openings during the year. This is when your footage is due for editing.

You can choose the Production Lab assigned to your sign-up group, OR you can choose one a few weeks out if you need more time. You have 6 months to complete your videos. 

As your partner in this process, we help keep you motivated and accountable, too. We'll send you reminders so your video project won't get lost in the shuffle.

Our packages and what you will receive: 

Ripple Effect

For every new client that signs up for the full package, we invest $25 in a micro loan portfolio for a female entrepreneur listed on KIVA, an online platform facilitating small loans to thousands of female entrepreneurs around the world, including the USA.  

You can choose the entrepreneur or let us do so, whichever you prefer!

1. The Do It (Mostly) Yourself Package:

Your Producer will set up your online Business Video Hub to keep you organized.

Our Ultimate Guide to Fab Videos, Finally Done E-book, which includes the following plus more:

Blueprint: Get Started On Your Video Strategy  

Mindshift Makeover: An exercise to convert on-camera jitters to a Wisdom Sharing Mindset

Power Tool 1: Fill in the blank script templates, if you need them.

Checklist: Brief, simple, ready to order equipment list for lights, a microphone and a tripod.  

Filming Day Zen Workbook: How to schedule your day, checklists for the process, Power Tip Sheets and video suggestions on what to wear and on make-up. 

Power Tool 2: Perfectly Produced Shot List System: Complete instructions for our unique method on how to practice what you are going to say, stay organized during your shoot and capture footage in the quickest way possible

How to integrate Facebook Live into your video strategy.

You will also receive access to quick demo videos to show you how to set up your shot.  

All editing for your 1 - 3 cornerstone videos ( the number depends upon the complexity and length of your videos, a typical project would be for three 2 minute videos)

Included in the edit:

  •  Up to 3 still images
  •  A simple thumbnail with your logo
  • And ending slate with call to action and branding
  • Basic light and color correction  

Tips for tagging your videos for SEO. 

Get started for $249, and then $149 per month for 6 months.* 

2. Need more support? We're here to help with our VIP Video Coaching package:

All of the above, plus the following from your Video Coach:

Your Video Coach will:

  • Create a video review of your scripts with suggestions.
  • Virtual Location Scout - an online videoconference tour of your home or office to talk about where to set up your mini-studio
  • Lighting set up consultation
  • Review of a sample of test footage, with suggestions for improvement.

Bonus! As Executive Producer, I will closely supervise your edit, reviewing your footage with your editor. This is huge.

Get started for $249, and then $279 per month for 6 months.* 

For our Spring Sign-up special, we have 2 spots left. (updated 3/17)

Receive the VIP Video Coaching package for the same rate as the DIY package!  

And only for this first group, Kala will be both your Video Coach AND Executive Producer for $249 to start, $149 per month for 6 months.*  

3. Really pressed for time? Want a more polished final outcome? Our Video Day for Busy Professionals package is for you:  

We'll coordinate with a local* production team, including hair and makeup.  

Your Executive Producer will be "with you" via Zoom video conferencing during your shoot. We coordinate with the videographer on the footage transfer and notify you when your clips are ready for review.  

Our team will create a Done for You package including:

  • Video strategy, 
  • Scheduling
  • Script consultation
  • Wardrobe consultation
  • Editing for up to 6 short videos 
  • Uploading of your videos and tagging for SEO.  


*(Select cities, includes most major metro areas, please set up a call for more details.)  

Get started for $495, and then $499 per month for 6 months.* 

*Account balance is due prior to final release of your videos. We'll go over all the details on your call. 

For March 2018 clients: You have a unique opportunity to have my undivided attention on your project. I will be acting as both your Video Coach and your Executive Producer, to fine tune this offer, as I build out my team for future launches. 

What others say about working with me...

Had a chance to read through the handouts. LOVE LOVE LOVE the Camera Ready Look and the How to Record Your Takes!!!!

Arwen B, Client

I absolutely loved working with Kala. Even though I'm normally quite comfortable telling the story of my business, I have always hated to be on camera! Working with Kala made that disappear. She worked with me to pull out the best sound bites for a great video. I would definitely recommend Kala's services to any business looking to incorporate video in their online marketing! 

Jenny Magic, Content Strategist & Idea Refiner

Kala has repeatedly done an outstanding job on her projects for TurnHere. She possesses the most important qualities we seek in our independent filmmakers: creativity, trust, reliability. She is a thoughtful, resourceful person with excellent client skills. Time and time again, she has come through for us on sometimes challenging assignments. She is a true professional who is also a pleasure to work with.

Marc Prager, Director, Learning and Development, Linkedin (Marc was my supervisor when we both worked with the startup TurnHere)

I met Kala and was immediately impressed with both her professionalism and her attitude. She was a pleasure to hire and made the experience very smooth and enjoyable. I would highly recommend her for your projects; I hope to work with her again myself.

Larry Schooler Mediator, Facilitator, Public Engagement Consultan